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Speak-Up Broward

Speak-Up Broward is a community engagement initiative of the Broward MPO.  The Broward MPO is a transportation policy making board and it consists of 37 members and 3 advisory boards. 

Speak-Up Broward’s grassroots effort’s goal is to get everyone talking about their transportation needs and concerns.  The project is engaged in fact finding, with information from Commitment 2040 the Broward MPO long range transportation planning progress.

We Want to Know

1. How can the transportation system better serve you and your family?

2. How transportation affects you?


   We want to know how you feel about the convenience, flexibility and access to transportation in Broward County.  We want to know what type of transportation options should be available in Broward and what you think should be added (even removed) as a transportation option in the future.


You’re opinion counts…We want you to Speak-Up in Broward about your transportation options.

Saves Us Money

Did you know that the benchmark for affordability is 15% - 45% of an individual’s income is spent on transportation and 30% for housing costs?  On average, households in Broward spend a disproportionately HIGH cost for transportation.  We spend 26% of our average income on transportation - add housing to the mix at 36%, and were spending nearly 2 out of 3 dollars (or more than 50%) of our income on housing and transportation before we feed our families!

Smarter Growth

Broward has grown very fast over a relatively short time. Since we invented air conditioning, lots of people came to sunny Florida.  We’ve experienced a lot of building and development as we’ve watched our population increase.  However, we are finished building roads in Broward - there’s no room, not even for new housing developments.  So, if we run out rooms for homes, we’ve definitely run out room for more vehicles!  For this reason, transportation is important to the Smart Growth of Broward County.

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